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Default A visit with the shrink

"Last time I spoke with you, you were rattered and torn. You never listened to me, you continued to fade. I grapped your hand, but your pulled me away. I tried helping you once, your too stubborn to understand me. Stop looking out the window, You foolish boy your full of greed. It's ok, we all have problems, yours are just your father."

"Im sorry sir, My mind is blank. Im trapped in your office. Im very upset, I appreciate your advice, I do take it in consideration. But when these tears flood my face...there is no time for hesitation. Why dont you seem to understand, I try my best to keep my head up. Its just so hard to lift my head, when my smile is pointing down. All this pain weighs so many pounds, I continue drowning in myself. And when I open my eyes, the horrors of my reality always strike back at me. I have no room to escape from my fears. And when I finally do get a handle on everything, my body is sheared."
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