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Default Re: United North America?

Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Oh and to clear anything up Mexico isn't included....they can fuck off
Haha, coulndn't agree more.
It would be cool if we did unite, but then there would have to be many problems to work out.
All that i would ask for is that English should be the official language.
Dude you have noooo idea how much I agree with you!

Originally Posted by redcar
i know i am not american or canadian but unification cannot lead to anything good in the long term. you use the example of europe uniting, thats not a good thing. one day europe will become a country and wat were the countries will become provinces. u wud loose your sense of nationality, become an individual in a suddenly bigger world. i know it is only two countries but still i am personally against unifications along those lines.
I'm all for that
Cause in all honesty America effects me so much in my day to day life everyday for my entire life that I already think of myself constantly as North American.
Whenever I turn the news on 9 times outta ten its american news i'm watching. The policys that america creates and inforces directly effects both my mum and my dads jobs it effects the entire canadian economy in an instant.
Take for example
Softwood Lumber
Our takes would be cut by 50%
The wellfair problems in the Atlantic provinces etc...
Canada provides you with more energy then anyother country in terms of power oil and gas etc..
America has a SEVER oil shortage right now they've just discovered a HUGE oil sand in alberta and we've developed the tecnology to extract and purify it.
Canada has more fresh water then anyother country on the planet
Canada has gold, diamonds, and other precious gems and metals
We have HUGE amounts of lumber
We have TONS of farm land
and America is becoming over populated where as Canada is under populated if we were to merge canada would get a huge influx of people coming in making small strugling towns big thriving citys while at the same time provinding americans with a larger country dispersing the population and taking the strain off of things such as the power grid by increasing the land of your country by roughly 104%
Besides america will get an increase of about 8 million soldiers
and it can have its missle defence program
Our countrys are allot alike the diffrences that we do have are minute and petty.
I think it's pathedic and nnnecessary i mean god Canadian, American whats the diff!

Ask any of my friends, anyone in my family I have and still am highly considering imigrating to america and joining the american air force because I know that in helping to protect America i'm protecting Canada because even threw recent strain our countrys are extremly intertwined

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