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Default United North America?

Is the 49th parallel an unmalleable line, set for all time to be the divider between two parallel worlds? Just why do the United States stop at an arbitrary line? Are we destined to be one nation under two political entities? Is what differentiates our two countries greater than what we share in common? As Europe unites, will North America stagnate and fall behind, squabbling over trivial differences? Are Canadians and Americans really so different? Would Canada stand to gain or lose in being part of a larger group of united States? Would the United States gain or lose from a United North America without borders?

"United we stand, divided we fall."

The United States of America and Canada joining I love the thought of that, I really do I think it would be awesome and would help both countrys but thats me....Oh and to clear anything up Mexico isn't included....they can fuck off

forgot the link -giggles-....sorry

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