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Well today on the bus I sat one seat in front of her, and then one of our friends (theres 4 of us that are pretty good friends), sat with me, but he dumped his trumpet case in her seat, because no one was sitting with her.
So we were joking around, and she was pretending to cry and stuff, it was fun. She was leaning away from him(jokingly).

So then when a seat opened up one seat behind her, the friend moved back to it. I put my foot up on the seat and leaned against the window.
Then she leaned away from him again after he made some joke ("I dont have to be nice to girls, just women."). Incedentally, leaning away from him was now leaning toward me. She was leaning agasint the back of my seat, I swear our heads were inches apart. Then the friend said, "You know who a woman is tho, its Caleb!"

Then she said "Hey, dont be mean to Caleb, hes on my side!"
I instinctively said "yeah!"

Then we were talking(all four of us), but i swear she was looking at me, and when I caught her eye, she grinned and looked at the floor. The we kept looking at each other and grinning.

Maybe it sounds better than it actually was. She was still joking with the other two and contributing to the conversation. But i couldnt stop looking at her, and I dont think she even minded. Everytime she looked at me we both smiled and laughed.

Is there something here?

The question I am planning to ask her tommorrow is "Are you doing anything tommorrow night? Maybe you could come and watch a movie or something." She lives two houses down, so if she agrees, it wont be a problem of getting to my house.

Is that an okay way to ask that question?
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