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Default dont read this

ugh i hate my little brother
he is 9
i mean 10
i mean 2
i mean uhh
hes in 5th grade?
whoever whatever he is i hate him and he will be mine and he shall be fat

he leaves candy wrappers on the floor and the dog is eating them and tells me they arent his

and they are mine! im on a diet little hoe!
then i borrow his jacket and hes like yup i lost so much weight myself that i dont even fit into that medium jacket so you can wear it

not even recognizing the fact ive lost 75 pounds


i hate him
he will die

he is not my brother
he is my step brother
he will not be considered a step
he is a stair
a stair borther

and the stairway to hell!

if punching was legal in this state and family he would regret everyting he has ever said!

and i mean it!
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