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Lol... Alright, I'll do that later and put it up for you, although I know what it looks like already.

Anyways.. Emily's going out with Dylan again... Even though she said she wouldn't according to Jason. Figures. It seems like whenever a social event comes up he dumps her.. Like right before the all nighter he dumped her last, and right before the last dance he dumped her too..

Jason's been hanging out with Dylan a bit lately and he reported the reason he dumped Emily was because he likes Leah... But, I don't know what happened-if Leah rejected him or he decided he didn't have the guts yet to ask her or what... All I know, is he likes Leah(I have to let on I know nothing though because Jason wasn't supposed to tell me). He's going to dump her again I figure. I think I might ask her out then.

I think, the reason I don't want to be too obvious is because I really really like her... And I'd rather be her friend then nothing at all. I mean, if she rejected me, there's not really anyone else I'd want to ask out..

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