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Its a good thing i found this thread right off the bat, cause i just now have masturbation related issues to ask you guys.

Recently, I've found it relatively hard and almost impossible to masturbate in the shower. But when i do and ejaculate, my "orgasms" are incredibly strong. Why is it so hard to ejaculate in the shower, but when you do, its so strong like that? Plus, I've read this a while ago in a question saying something about using one hand to masturbate and using the other to finger yourself in your anus. I've tried that a couple times and at climax, my "orgasms" are really strong, enough to me make shut my eyes and pant for a while. Even though i am straight, (and i know that for a fact because guy/guy sex is really disturbing), why do i find it very arousing when i fantasize that I'm the female having sex and not the male like i am?
I do much the same, and now I can orgasm in normal time in the shower. it helps to clean of sweat and cum so I don't smell suspicious. I was wondering how anyone could ever fit another guy's penis up their bum, coz I can only fit about a finger in there, so I tried using two fingers, and the sensation was overpowering. I saw this clip about how to get the most from anal sex, and the guy said that if you stick your finger into another guy's bum, about two inches in, then start curling your finger towards you, it gives them the most incredible feeling, so I tried that and it feels GREAT!! The orgasm is five thousand times more awesome, especially in the shower.
I want to try it with another guy, and then him on me.
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