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HI, ive been going out with a girl for only about 4-5 weeks now, but i do very much like her and she feels the same way. After the first time we met we spent everyday together for a week or so and it was great. We both enjoyed spending the same amount of time together and we didnt once get bored of eachother, which usually happened with previous girls. But because of her senior exams she was unable to do anything much for 3-4 weeks or so.
We barely saw eachother throughout this time, which i can understand because of obvious reasons, but ever since she finnished which was acouple of days ago, it feels as if we dont have the same bond.
Before her exams we went to all extremes just so we could spend a little bit of time together, but now its just not the same.
We still talk a lot but i dunno....
Her seing another guy has crossed my mind but doesnt really worry me.
I find myself daydreaming about her all the time and waiting around for phone calls, I turn down friends offers to go out in the hope she will ask to do something. I want things to go back to the way they were, but im just not sure if im paranoid or if it is something to be worried about.

Any opinions or help would be appreciated
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