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Default Throwing Daggers (YOU)

Throwing Daggers (you)

They plunge in my heart
I fall to the ground
I try to get back up
But they push me back down.

They pin me to a wall
They hold me up high
It made me cry.
Water mixed with blood…
And soon I die.

I rise up again
Confident as can be
I look them in the eye and soon they’ll see
That I’m not the baby.

I push them all down
They fall with a frown
They suddenly kneel
So I show them how I feel.

I pick one of them out
And give him a kick
I laughed to my self and said that will do the trick.
But of course it didn’t

I ran away
And soon they followed
I turned around and my eyes glowed wild
A fire like red poured out from inside
I turned to my side
To see who was there
It turned out to be the only one you really cared….

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