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one of my bits of cource work in right a poem, i wrote 3 but can't decide which one is best.

so i let you all decide. which is better 1,2,3?

On one lonely beach one summers day,
To people met but had nothing to say.
But when they uttered there first words,
No one was there, so no one heard.
But then they danced all night long,
They said to me, to some beautiful song.
But then one day they have fight,
So he went out with the guys that night
He met girl, who seemed so nice,
He was so drunk he didn’t even think twice.
He came home the very next day,
With one thing he didn’t really want to say.
But he had to, she was his wife,
Even though it would ruin her life.
She threw a glass and gave glare.
He left her later that year,
With nothing but a letter to stop her tears.
Even though her hands shook with rage,
She still managed to read every page.
She died of a broken heart,
Because there love just fell apart.

One summer day, a long time ago,
There lived a girl with a purple bow.
She met this boy with big brown eyes,
she wanted to be with him till she died.
As they grew up they fell in love,
Like some holy power from above.
They got married one sunny day,
On a golden sand bay.
As time went by, they grew apart,
And she died of a broken heart.
One stormy night, he sat by her grave,
He sat there till dawn; no one knew what he had to say.
But when he left, he left a rose and a golden chain,
And as he left, from heaven it began to rain.

Love can be good and love can be bad,
It brings emotions happy and sad,
If you’re in love you should be glad,
To give it up would be mad.

Love lasts for ever, no matter what,
Life goes by, but love does not,
If love doesn’t grow, it will only rot.

For love to work, you have to try,
You have to laugh and sometimes cry,
It doesn’t work if you lie,
If love can’t live it’s got to die.

Love burns as bright as the sun,
You know when you meet the special one,
Because then their flaws become none.
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