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Originally Posted by alphus View Post
I'm quite worried for a number of reasons. I'm 14 and I masturbate fairly frequently. However I can't ejaculate and i think it is because my balls havent dropped. Is this true? How long will it be till I am able to ejaculate?? Also I am uncut when I eventually put a condom on will it hurt??
I agree with Burnthecity's advice, and you should definitely follow his advice. As he had mentioned, "balls dropping" is simply a slang for when one starts puberty. A male's testicles drop soon after birth, and if your testicles are still within your abdomen at your age, then you have a serious problem.

As for ejaculating, it is tough to say when that will happen. There is nothing wrong with you for not having had ejaculated at your age, and you just are a late bloomer. There are plenty of guys who are as old as 16 who have not ejaculated, and it is really not a big deal. After all, puberty is weird in that development for you can be the reverse for others. What I mean is that you can get totally big and develop all the characteristics for guys but ejaculate last. In short, as long as you can get an orgasm when you masturbate, then you are more or less getting most of the experience anyway. Enjoy dry orgasms while they last!

As for condom use, it really is not a big deal to put one on if you are uncut. You will need to gradually stretch your foreskin so that it does not cover your glans. Once you are able to retract your foreskin then it will be really easy to use condoms.
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