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Default Re: Your First French Kiss & Kissing Discussion

awww... i remember my first true kiss< i was going down to my village where evreyone meets for halloween and so as i was getting ready i called her and asked er where she wanted to meet so i made the plans for us to meet and so i got ready and went over to her house and her gramother said i could come in [ dosen't have parents died 0_0,] so i took of my shoes at the door and went to the stairs waiting for her to come down and i waited aited and waited for her and then i finaly see her coming down the stairs with realy nice pair of pruple/pink high hees and a spakely light purple dress and a pink hand pocket book and with her long curly brown air straightnd with make up on and [ it looked just a movie] with red lipstick on and i was lown away from how butiful she looked and from the second stair she raised her arm and i linked arms with her and told her how astonished i was by her butifulness and so we walked to the door and put on our shoes started to make our way through the town coletting our candy and i got probly 13 punds [ alot for our town] and so i put some twisselers in my pocket and handed my candy to 2 kids[ the were so cute one was the red power ranger and the other one was spiderman] and so after our good night we headed back to er house chit chatting about our night and so when e go to her house at like 7:45pm we changed into differnt clothes and cutteld up on the coach with eachother i loved it we watched tv for about 45 min and then her grandmother lft the room and went upstairs st get something and so i looked at her prety face and she looked back with her cute eyes and our eyes just locked and i took her hand and held it like if i was looking at a ring but iwasnt i ws looking at her and i went in slightly and she did our lips conetted like magnets it was the best time i've ever hade and her grandmother hade cme down stairs and we didnt know as were still kissig her grandmother walks into the room and see's us kissing romanticly and steps out of the room slowly and lets us kiss and it was the best day of my life> and thats my story about my first [kiss] not french kiss ill tell that some other time 0.-
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