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I am uncircumcised, so I know what it is like to masturbate with foreskin, but what's it like to masturbate without it? Also, has anyone ever masturbated with a condom? What's that like?
Masturbating with foreskin is better than without, I'd imagine (I am uncircumcised) and you can rub and 'stimulate' the head of your penis waaaaaaaaaay more. Without it hurting too much. Ive tried masturbating with my foreskin pulled back (lots of lube) and it kinda hurt. Maybe it wasn't good lube. I'd hate to be the doctor who has to do that to the poor boy, eergh. I remember in about grade 2 there was a boy I knew and we'd both seen each other's penises before (at the urinals) and one time he pulled it out and its foreskin was gone. It looked weird.
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