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"the girl"=emily? she's gorgeous whoever she is.
Jess is purdy also

anyway, it sounds to me like Emily is probably asked out a lot (considering so many guys flock to her) So I think something that would score points for you would to be different......stand out so she realizes how much you like her....I'm thinking a gift or flowers or a card or something on a special day....maybe just doing nice things for her..holding doors open pulling out her chair...those kinds of things. then gradually go into the..oh I really wanna see this movie that's playing <oh I wanna see it too> you wanna go see it friday? (of course not exactly like that, but you get what I mean lol) let her know that you like her....moving on

I think the fact that she asked if you liked coleen may mean I never give a crap who is going out with who unless I'm interested in a person. That may be just me though.

The only other thing I can say say you were worried about moving over by her when she was by jordan and dylan cause you didn't wanna be too obvious......BE OBVIOUS let her know something. I wish you luck!

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