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Well the thing is.. I dont know how this goes at your school but the goal on my bus is to have your own seat.

Maybe it would be different with me, but usually she tries to geta seat to herself unless its one of her girlfriends that is sitting with her.

I can only remember a few times when Ive sat with her on the bus, but that was becasue ther were no empty seats left. This year I would doubt that would happen because we all sit at the front of the bus (everyone always wants the very back seats), so we pretty much sit in the same spots everyday.

I just feel akward when her friends and mine are sitting around us. I would just sit with her but i have a feeling she would tell me that there an empty seat right next to hers and tell me to move.

Originally Posted by Ark
Well, you obviously like this girl, are you just dropping little clues, or being real blatent about it. From what I tell you just dropping little clues and being shy about it. So naturally a girl is going to do the same thing!
So youre saying I should be blatent?
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