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Okay, I went to the dance, it was fun, ect, ect, ect.

But last night, Halloween, I was trick or treating, and I stopped at the house of the girl that rides the bus with me.

Now Im wearing a t-shirt folded into a ninja mask on my head (it actually looks pretty cool). No one else could tell who I was until I told them. But she knew right away.

And her mom came in and said "whos that?", and she said "It's Caleb." But I had never even seen her mom, much less been introduced before last night.
Now in my personal experiance, you dont talk about someone like that unless both people know who they are. Does this mean she talks about me at home?

Anyway, today on the bus, I asked her, "how does your mom know who I was?", and she said "Oh, she just talks to random people". But I am still thinking that she had atleast at some point talked about me with her mom, because it would seem like otherwise her mom would have further inquired when she said "its Caleb".
But then (today on the bus) she said "I only knew it was you becuase of your eyes. Your blue eyes."
Now I didnt say anything, but I was thinking "Wow. She can recognize me by my eyes? She looks at my eyes?"
Heck, I dont even know what color her eyes are.

Does that mean she likes me? Or is that just something girls normally do?
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