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STACY- NUTRIONIST [ONCE ANA]i know its a lot but i NEED someone who knows about this stuff to read it and reply :i am magicwand92026 , none of this is made up

magicwand92026: heloo
stacym0402: hey
stacym0402: what's up??
magicwand92026: oh goody i got the address right finally
magicwand92026: !
stacym0402: haha
stacym0402: good job
magicwand92026: the ceiling of an unlit room :<
magicwand92026: the lightbulb went out ... its really lame cos it is some weird 20 dollar lightbulb that we dont have
magicwand92026: hey i can talk in like 10 minutes ok? i have to go vacuum downstairs
magicwand92026: but ill be right up when im done i promise
stacym0402: k
stacym0402: bye
magicwand92026: sorry for all the typos btw i just type faster then i can think
magicwand92026: no not BYE its ill be right back!
stacym0402: k
magicwand92026: im not leaving
magicwand92026: ok back now i guess its time for some depressive talk meh =-[
magicwand92026: ok well i have two questions that i was thinkin about today on the bus . . .
magicwand92026: 1. How much did Zander weigh?
magicwand92026: 2. What is the difference between eating 1000 calories a day and burning off 500 and eating 1500 and burning off 1000?
stacym0402: ok... first of all
stacym0402: SLOW DOWN
magicwand92026: gotcha
stacym0402: it doesn't matter what zander weighs b/c he's zander & you're you
stacym0402: as for the eating/exercising thing...
stacym0402: why do you only want to give your body 500/d?
magicwand92026: i dont WANT to give my body that
magicwand92026: i just am
magicwand92026: i dont go ok look i cant eat this and this
magicwand92026: because i can only eat 500 day
magicwand92026: no its not like that
magicwand92026: i am like ok this is what im eating for lunch
magicwand92026: this is what im eating for dinner
magicwand92026: and at the end of each meal im not hungry and pretty much full
magicwand92026: and at the end of the day i reflect and find that it is 500 cals
stacym0402: no you're not
magicwand92026: yes i am
magicwand92026: ..
stacym0402: you think you are but your body is NOT full
magicwand92026: then why do i feel full..
stacym0402: your stomach has prob gotten smaller...
magicwand92026: uhmm im sure it is about a tenth the size
stacym0402: sorry phone.. brb
magicwand92026: so what do you want me to do? force myself to eat more
magicwand92026: kk
stacym0402: sorry
magicwand92026: np
stacym0402: i don't like the word "force"
stacym0402: but yeah
stacym0402: alex, what you're doing isn't healthy
stacym0402: know how i know that?????
magicwand92026: uhhmmm yes?
stacym0402: cuz i've been there!!!
stacym0402: :'(
stacym0402: it's NOT fun
magicwand92026: Height: feet
and inch(es)
Weight: pounds
(Note: 8 ounces = 0.5 pounds)

Your BMI:

magicwand92026: 24
magicwand92026: im average
magicwand92026: as of sunday
stacym0402: good
magicwand92026: BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and Above Obese

stacym0402: STOP this craziness
magicwand92026: its not crazy!
stacym0402: honestly
magicwand92026: what is crazy!
stacym0402: what do you want from this?
magicwand92026: all im doing is eating until im hungry
magicwand92026: from what?
magicwand92026: talkign to you?
stacym0402: no
stacym0402: wait...
magicwand92026: k
stacym0402: ok
stacym0402: what are you afraid of?
magicwand92026: the same thing that happened the night i talked with you at camp
stacym0402: no, why are you afraid of that?
magicwand92026: gimme a se
magicwand92026: c
magicwand92026: because it was depressing
magicwand92026: ...
stacym0402: what was depressing?
magicwand92026: screwing up my whole diet
stacym0402: why is your diet so important?
magicwand92026: after i was at camp for 8 weeks
stacym0402: what do you want fromit?
magicwand92026: skinnier body
stacym0402: what is it going to give you that you don't already have?
magicwand92026: a better body ..
magicwand92026: its what everyone wants isnt it
stacym0402: that's what some people want, but that's not as important as you think
magicwand92026: yes it is
stacym0402: no, alex, it's not
magicwand92026: its not important to the poeple that already have it
stacym0402: wanta know how i know?????

stacym0402: no it's not
magicwand92026: yes because you already have it
stacym0402: no i don't
stacym0402: wanta know a secret...
magicwand92026: uhmm yes u do , ur like serioulsey hot
stacym0402: haha
stacym0402: thanks, but really...
stacym0402: i've been on both sides...
stacym0402: did i show you pictures??
magicwand92026: no
stacym0402: i should have
stacym0402: i was fat
stacym0402: i think i told you that...
magicwand92026: no you said you didnt liek the way you looked
stacym0402: then i lost WAAAAAAY too much weight
stacym0402: because i was fat
magicwand92026: ugh this is ttreesing me out for some reason and it feels like i need to puke .... notl ike there IS anything to puke
stacym0402: alex
stacym0402: :'(
stacym0402: i'm not trying to stress you out
magicwand92026: ok how much is waaaaaay too much weight
magicwand92026: as you put it
stacym0402: i was almost hospitalized
stacym0402: & almost didn't get to come to college
magicwand92026: how long ago was this?
stacym0402: 3 1/2 yrs ago
magicwand92026: only?
stacym0402: i realized i had weight issues starting in 4th grade...
stacym0402: weight issues controlled my life all through high school & part of college
stacym0402: believe me, do what you can NOW to reclaim your life
magicwand92026: reclaim what?
magicwand92026: being fat?
stacym0402: you need to find confidence in yourself cuz it doesn't sound like you have any
stacym0402: you're an awesome person
stacym0402: you're smart...
magicwand92026: im not purposefully not eating a lot im just not its not my fault
magicwand92026: im not hungry
stacym0402: you've got a lot going for you that has nothing to do with what you look like
stacym0402: c'mon get real
magicwand92026: heck im not even hungry at lunch or dinner
magicwand92026: but i eat
stacym0402: don't try it... i've used all these before
magicwand92026: i dont eat because im not hungry and im not bungry because mys tomach shrunk and my stomach shrung because [ go back to begginning ]
stacym0402: it's called starvation... funny what your body does when it's in the process of eating itself
magicwand92026: wouldnt i be able to feel it?..
stacym0402: no
magicwand92026: wouldnt it take all the fat before it starts even doing that?
stacym0402: i was almost hospitalized b/c my heart was getting thin
magicwand92026: fat the muscle then itslef like zandar? we all heard he was losing muscle mass
stacym0402: yeah, but he still had fat mass
stacym0402: some, not much , but some
magicwand92026: not a lot you could see his ribs
stacym0402: is that what you want??
magicwand92026: yes
stacym0402: no way
magicwand92026: honestly
magicwand92026: yes
stacym0402: that's NOT hot at all
magicwand92026: i can see my ribs on my sides
magicwand92026: but no where else
magicwand92026: and that is what drive sme
stacym0402: to see your bones?
magicwand92026: yes
stacym0402: for what?
stacym0402: what will that get you?
magicwand92026: what will being fat get me/
magicwand92026: sorry for responding with a quesiton but
magicwand92026: it works both ways
stacym0402: first of all, you're not fat
stacym0402: secondly, you'll still be alive
magicwand92026: 148
magicwand92026: 158
magicwand92026: oops
magicwand92026: i wish i was 148
magicwand92026: maybe in a month or two
stacym0402: why???
stacym0402: numbers are crap
magicwand92026: ok then
magicwand92026: i dont care what weigh ti am
magicwand92026: but i want the image of zander
magicwand92026: i can be 200 pounds but with the image of zandar
magicwand92026: and ill be happy
stacym0402: have you talked to anyone else about this?
stacym0402: no you won't be happy
stacym0402: i can promise you taht
stacym0402: that*
magicwand92026: i wont be happy with a comfortable weight that i am comfortable with!?
magicwand92026: i can take off my shirt in front of others without embarassment
stacym0402: at what point do you draw the line?
stacym0402: that's not because you're fat...
magicwand92026: 140
stacym0402: that's an image issue
magicwand92026: yes but not with myself
stacym0402: what do you mean?
magicwand92026: the problem i have with the way i look isnt with myself its with the mirror too
magicwand92026: its not that im telling myself that im fat because im not
magicwand92026: i DO look fat
magicwand92026: therefore i am
magicwand92026: ...
stacym0402: am i fat?
magicwand92026: uhm
magicwand92026: no..
magicwand92026: yourl ike
magicwand92026: seriousley hot
magicwand92026: so is katie
magicwand92026: like everyone in guys dorm said that
stacym0402: cuz i feel fat
stacym0402: i look fat when i look in the mirror too
magicwand92026: uhmm you do?
stacym0402: & katie has her own issues..
magicwand92026: she does?
stacym0402: you can talk to her if you want about that
stacym0402: point is... it's all image
magicwand92026: ok so your saying that whenever i lok in the mirror there is seomthing wrong with my brain and its making me look fat/
stacym0402: yep
magicwand92026: no ..
stacym0402: not wrong....
stacym0402: yeah
magicwand92026: no
stacym0402: sounds crazy...
magicwand92026: give me my before pictures
magicwand92026: and take a picture of me now
magicwand92026: i ahvent seen my before pictures yet
magicwand92026: my forearms are deffinitley skinnier
stacym0402: what will thata prove?
magicwand92026: my legs are skinny
magicwand92026: everywhere else is jsut the same
stacym0402: you wanta be skinny?
magicwand92026: yes
magicwand92026: ..
stacym0402: everybody has parts they're not especially proud of they way the look
stacym0402: but you deal with it
magicwand92026: anyways i think your just saying that you think your fat when you look in the mirror to help me
stacym0402: haha
stacym0402: you're giving yourself a little too much credit...
stacym0402: i wouldn't lie like that
magicwand92026: ok well
magicwand92026: you get a picture of me and then
magicwand92026: we can talk about image?
magicwand92026: im fat
magicwand92026: yoru not
magicwand92026: your not
magicwand92026: you can see my checkbones
stacym0402: people tell me that...
magicwand92026: the boens in my fingers and the muscles in my legs but im stillt he same
stacym0402: i still believe what i believe
magicwand92026: that your fat?
stacym0402: yeah
magicwand92026: brb my uncle is here
stacym0402: k
magicwand92026: kk back
stacym0402: k
magicwand92026: ok so waht about the whole exersize thing though
stacym0402: too much
magicwand92026: i dont think im overdoing it
magicwand92026: running it pe?
magicwand92026: and occasionally doing some more at home
stacym0402: well, if that's what you think...
magicwand92026: and doing situps and stuff daily too when ig et home?
stacym0402: why are you asking if you don't have questions?
magicwand92026: because you are the one telling me im overdoing it and i want you to explain to me
stacym0402: well, it's pretty hard for your body to work if you aren't feeding it
magicwand92026: should i eat more and still exersize this much??
magicwand92026: i AM feeding it
stacym0402: stop it!!
magicwand92026: nust not that much
stacym0402: you're honestly not eating enough to stay active
magicwand92026: well i am active..
magicwand92026: look ok
magicwand92026: t
magicwand92026: his morning i had a big breakfeast
magicwand92026: big in my opinion
magicwand92026: a bowl of granola cereal maybe half a cup
magicwand92026: with about a cup of milk
stacym0402: as a nutr major, i can tell you that people who are in a coma are getting more calories pumped into their bodies each day than you're putting into your's
magicwand92026: and all day i havent been woozy at all when i stand up
magicwand92026: but they arent trying to lose weight
stacym0402: being woozy is a symptom that drives most people to the emergency room to find out what's going on...
stacym0402: that's not a regular thing that is supposed to happend
magicwand92026: well iw ent to the doctor about it
stacym0402: being dizzy?
magicwand92026: and she said blah blach blah your fine nothing is wrong blah blah blah
magicwand92026: no it was the day after almost fainting
magicwand92026: blah blah blah dont go below 140 or else blah blah blah
stacym0402: see?
stacym0402: how tall are you?
magicwand92026: 5'8''
magicwand92026: 140 is 21 bmi
magicwand92026: i looked it up
stacym0402: that's low
magicwand92026: so i could safely go below that
stacym0402: for a guy
stacym0402: esp a teen guy
magicwand92026: but i dont plan on going below that
stacym0402: you're supposed to be growing...
magicwand92026: well then iw ill grow withmmyself
stacym0402: yeah, you don't PLAN on going below that...
magicwand92026: i will eat more as i grow taller
magicwand92026: and i wont
stacym0402: you think you can control what you're doing?
magicwand92026: ok if i can have the control to not eat somethign when i already have it in my hand
magicwand92026: yes
stacym0402: no
magicwand92026: if i can control you know putting down a bag of chips
stacym0402: no
magicwand92026: after its opened and have one in my ahnd
magicwand92026: its really ahrd
magicwand92026: but if i can put it down then i can pick it back up
stacym0402: what would happen if you ate the chips?
magicwand92026: gain weight
stacym0402: it's not that easy
stacym0402: ...the pick it back up thing isn't that easy
magicwand92026: uhmm well its easy to get to them and easy to throw them away
magicwand92026: sure it is
magicwand92026: when im 140 i can talk toyou about that?
stacym0402: i'm telling you from experience IT
stacym0402: 'S NOT THAT EASY

magicwand92026: before i went to camp i ate and ate and ate and just picking up some chips wouldnt be that hard
magicwand92026: now i dont want to
magicwand92026: well i WANT to but i dont
stacym0402: what would happen if you did?
magicwand92026: although i dont WANt fast food its pretty gross
stacym0402: what would happen if you didn't lose weight this week?
magicwand92026: i would probably do it again
stacym0402: do what again?
stacym0402: eat?
magicwand92026: id get pissed and try to cut out anything extra
magicwand92026: brb
magicwand92026: sorry uncle walked int hte room and trying to keep this private
magicwand92026: if i ate the chips one day
magicwand92026: i would probably eat them again the next
magicwand92026: and the next
magicwand92026: and the next
magicwand92026: and the next
magicwand92026: and the next
magicwand92026: and the next
magicwand92026: and you get hte idea
magicwand92026: and i would gain weight
magicwand92026: getting away from my goal
stacym0402: what about that control??
stacym0402: you've got control right?
magicwand92026: thats the point
magicwand92026: yes
magicwand92026: i do
stacym0402: you can put it down...
magicwand92026: and thats why i didnt do that
stacym0402: but you can't eat it?
magicwand92026: thats why i stopped it before i even took a bite
magicwand92026: not yet
magicwand92026: not until im 140
stacym0402: really
magicwand92026: then every once in a while i can
stacym0402: have you talked to anyone else about this/
stacym0402: ?
magicwand92026: why should i/
magicwand92026: no i hjavent
magicwand92026: your the first
magicwand92026: because i just realized it a few days ago
magicwand92026: i am eating hte same now as the same i was eating hte first day after camp left
stacym0402: i think you should talk to someone where you live
stacym0402: are you close to your mom?
stacym0402: someone at school?
magicwand92026: with my mom yes
magicwand92026: but id otn want to talk to her about it
stacym0402: i know
magicwand92026: yea im close with someone at school
magicwand92026: a few people
stacym0402: it's the worst thing ever,...
stacym0402: you need to talk to her
magicwand92026: but not gunna talk to them about it
magicwand92026: no why would i need to
stacym0402: please... you need help with this
magicwand92026: thats why im talking to you?
magicwand92026: what do i need help with , eating more?
stacym0402: i'm glad you are, but i can't be there
stacym0402: and there's a difference
stacym0402: i'm really worried about you
magicwand92026: because im not eating enough?
magicwand92026: whats the big deal i have loads of lard on me
magicwand92026: and as i said i would be hungry if i was
magicwand92026: i mean right now im not hungr i dont have a hugnry feeling
magicwand92026: and i usually eat 20 minutes ago
magicwand92026: 530
magicwand92026: or 630
magicwand92026: every day
magicwand92026: look ok let me tell you
magicwand92026: about two weeks ago i was eating lunch
magicwand92026: and it was about 300 calories right
magicwand92026: and i was stuffed
magicwand92026: every day
magicwand92026: stuffed
stacym0402: empty
stacym0402: you're empty
magicwand92026: it was hard to think in the calss after because i was so stuffed
magicwand92026: so now im packin gmy own lunch
magicwand92026: and putting nothing but water and a sandwich and im not stuffed, im content
stacym0402: that's called starvation... food is all you can think about
magicwand92026: well your forcing me tot hink about food now because im spose to be doin math homework lol
magicwand92026: well its due friday so .. . .
magicwand92026: math can wait
magicwand92026: this is more important
magicwand92026: ok so mi still hungry ..
magicwand92026: ok so im still hungry ..
stacym0402: yeah, your health is WAY more important
magicwand92026: right..
magicwand92026: but..
magicwand92026: ..
magicwand92026: i dont feel
stacym0402: no but
magicwand92026: .... full
stacym0402: this is serious
stacym0402: your mind says your full
magicwand92026: no my stomach saids im full
stacym0402: your body IS NOT FULL

stacym0402: no
stacym0402: actually, yeah
stacym0402: you're right
magicwand92026: ty
stacym0402: it is because it's shrunk
magicwand92026: ugh
stacym0402: what's ty?
magicwand92026: thank you
stacym0402: oh
stacym0402: sorry
magicwand92026: get with the online talk sis!
stacym0402: haha
stacym0402: i'm an old lady... can't keep up with you kids
magicwand92026: your like uhh 20?
stacym0402: 21, thank you
magicwand92026: ooh sorry
stacym0402: did you have a good halloween?
magicwand92026: not really
stacym0402: aw, i'm sorry
magicwand92026: it was depressing because i didnt go out
magicwand92026: and i didnt want to
stacym0402: why not?
magicwand92026: so i wanted to have fun and hand out the candy
magicwand92026: but nobody came
magicwand92026: only 3 groups of people
magicwand92026: then i came up and started to email you
stacym0402: yeah i got that
stacym0402: why didn't you go out?
magicwand92026: uhm
magicwand92026: stupid question
magicwand92026: 1
magicwand92026: ?
magicwand92026: !
magicwand92026: ?1
magicwand92026: ?!
magicwand92026: why in the
magicwand92026: heck
magicwand92026: ..
magicwand92026: ...heck..
magicwand92026: why int he heck would i want to do that?
stacym0402: i'm confused
magicwand92026: thats reallllly stupid im trying to lose weight
magicwand92026: why would go out
stacym0402: doesn't mean you have to eat out...
magicwand92026: and say hey trick or treat gimme 50 cals !
stacym0402: why didn't you go hang out with some friends?
magicwand92026: next
magicwand92026: ....
magicwand92026: uhmm
magicwand92026: didnt want to
magicwand92026: i just told you ..
stacym0402: i went out & didn't eat anything...
stacym0402: go out with people...
magicwand92026: actually i WANTED to go out
stacym0402: it might give you a new perspective
magicwand92026: and run around watching people
stacym0402: then why didn't you?
magicwand92026: but i was asked to stay here too
magicwand92026: honestly
magicwand92026: i wanted to put my shoes on
stacym0402: by whom?
magicwand92026: step dad
magicwand92026: i told him i didnt want to go out
stacym0402: hmm
stacym0402: you lied?
magicwand92026: and he asked me to stya nd help with decoration
magicwand92026: i wanted to put on my shoes
stacym0402: what shoes?
magicwand92026: and put on my running shorts
magicwand92026: my sheos
magicwand92026: my running shoes
magicwand92026: my normal shoes
magicwand92026: lol
magicwand92026: i always ru in my normal shoes
magicwand92026: which are runnign shoes
magicwand92026: so i wanted to
magicwand92026: ? why is the
magicwand92026: i wanted to get my running clothing on and go out and run at night
stacym0402: not what i wanted to hear
magicwand92026: because i like it at night its nice and clear and cold
magicwand92026: and plus it would be cool to say hi to some people
stacym0402: where do you live?

magicwand92026: atlanta
stacym0402: what are you doing this weekend?
magicwand92026: pff chores
magicwand92026: most likely
stacym0402: ask somebody out to a movie or something...
stacym0402: go bowling...
magicwand92026: we dont get to do anything b ut chores
stacym0402: do somethign fun
magicwand92026: i wish !
magicwand92026: we arent allowed to here
magicwand92026: my steb brother and i
magicwand92026: its really lame
magicwand92026: we are ALWAYS doing chores on weekends
magicwand92026: it sucks
stacym0402: you need to talk to someone
magicwand92026: hardcore
stacym0402: sounds like it
magicwand92026: who am i spose to talk to
stacym0402: mom, counselor...
magicwand92026: i can make an imaginary freind but it wouldnt be the same
magicwand92026: mom no
stacym0402: not funny
magicwand92026: everyone has the impression that i am
magicwand92026: you know eating right and exersizing
magicwand92026: like im gunna go to her and be like hey i have an eatin disorder and i need to talk to u about it
magicwand92026: no ..
stacym0402: yeah, just wait until everyone is saying stuff like "are you ok?"
magicwand92026: ok
stacym0402: "im really worried about you"
stacym0402: "we should talk"
magicwand92026: ok ill wait for that
stacym0402: "stacy you need to go to the doctor"
magicwand92026: but that isnt gunna happen
stacym0402: yeah, just wait
magicwand92026: k
magicwand92026: we can so talk again when im 140
stacym0402: you think i make this stuff up?
magicwand92026: and ill et you know
magicwand92026: i think your pressuring me a little
magicwand92026: its not hard to go eat stuff
magicwand92026: ill brb
stacym0402: dammit alex, this scares the hell out of me
magicwand92026: ok im sitting here now
magicwand92026: eating prezels
magicwand92026: pretzels
magicwand92026: saltless
stacym0402: so what?
magicwand92026: so
magicwand92026: im provin to you
magicwand92026: that its not hard to just get up and eat
stacym0402: you think your problems are solved?
stacym0402: c'mon
magicwand92026: see i am risking about 80 cals just to prove to you i can do it when id ont even need to yet
stacym0402: give me a break
stacym0402: you don't have to prove anything
magicwand92026: k then im throwing rest of pretzels away
stacym0402: you know what?
magicwand92026: yoink
magicwand92026: yes?
stacym0402: i'm glad you're talkign to me about this, but i feel powerless
stacym0402: i don't know what you need
stacym0402: i don't know what you want
stacym0402: :'(
stacym0402: really...
magicwand92026: well
magicwand92026: im taking all of your advice
magicwand92026: into my brain
magicwand92026: not going to use it
magicwand92026: not until im 140
magicwand92026: woh knows it might be a month
stacym0402: well good luck then
magicwand92026: or two months
magicwand92026: maybe three
magicwand92026: but i can promise you
magicwand92026: i am not gunna be some skinny freak
stacym0402: i hope 140 shows you all your heart desires
magicwand92026: just one of them
stacym0402: 'cuz 100 didn't do it for me
stacym0402: nor 90
stacym0402: nor 80
magicwand92026: you were less then 80?
stacym0402: not until i was 76 & carried to the doctor did i have to turn my life around
magicwand92026: am i the only person liek this?
stacym0402: think about that...
stacym0402: no way
magicwand92026: am it he only one at camp that had this problem
stacym0402: i don't know
magicwand92026: i have come tot he comlusion zander must of had this too
stacym0402: i doubt it
stacym0402: maybe...
magicwand92026: seriousley
magicwand92026: i mean
stacym0402: i didn't talk to znder much
magicwand92026: nor i
stacym0402: i don't know what he's got going on
magicwand92026: but i overheard him a lot
magicwand92026: he goes running every morning for abotu an hour
magicwand92026: and eats out only on saturdays and sundays
stacym0402: yeah me too...
magicwand92026: ...
stacym0402: but i ATE food
stacym0402: there's a balance
stacym0402: moderation...
stacym0402: i'm sorry... i need to go
magicwand92026: ok
magicwand92026: this will be haunting me forever
magicwand92026: until i am 140
magicwand92026: then i will prove you wrong
stacym0402: ok
stacym0402: have a good night alex
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