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Default Re: Is this strange?

Originally Posted by Starz View Post
I dont fine using my hand 2 masturbate myself works very well so i rub my 'area' against my teddy bears, scrunched-up clothes, etc., and i orgasm everytime. Do you consider this weird? Does anyone else do this?
I don't think it's weird for the simple reason that I used to masturbate like that... I never realised that it was masturbation because it started when I was about.... 4 or maybe younger.

I think it's probably the different textures of the materials that work better than your hand... But I'm not too sure. It may also be the fact that your not using your own body - like it's harder to tickle yourself sort of thing..?

I totally understand what you mean though. Tbh, I sometimes still rub against my sheets because it's easier than using my hands/fingers.

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