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I started about yr and half ago, i was sexually abused as a child by my mums partner and he was extrenky violent towards my mum and took alot of drugs, then he died of a drug overdose and my mum got very ill mentally. i went for years without talking about it or anything till i got with my ex partner, he became violent and started cheatin on me and i just couldnt cope. One day when we had a row i locked myself in the toilet crying, i dont no why i did but i picked up a razor blade and made a cut and then i just stopped cryin. all the pain inside i felt just went, its got alot worst since then and iv had several suicide attempts and was drinkin heavly at one point, iv seen therapist and everything but im not a person to talk abot my problems. I went 6 months without actually cuttin, but would scratch myself if i got upset or anxious about something, then i ut again about 3 weeks ago. Im hoping that this site will help me with harmin so i can stop.

sorry its very long and quite detailed
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