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Originally Posted by calleimix View Post
is it ok to masterbate like 5 times a day perhaps?
I agree with the post above regarding masturbation, and everything depends upon one's personal preferences. As a rule of thumb, if you are finding that you are skipping out on other things in your life and spending all of your free time jacking off, then you are probably doing it too much. Generally, as long as masturbating does not take over and cause you to do it during all your free time, then you are fine.

Originally Posted by weebananas View Post
Haha yeah. I felt... "achieved" after it.

Yeah... I think my saliva is working great. xD

As for the refractory period, I noticed... I pulled my boxers up and it touched my glans, then I was like "WOAH!" Haha.

Also... Yesterday, all that came out was pre-cum. I'm not sure if what came out today was regular semen, or still pre-cum. Yesterday was very clear with a white tent to it. Today, it was just liek watery milk?
Saliva is probably not the best lube out there. Keep in mind that because saliva is water it won't take any time at all for it to dry out. Also, there is the hygiene issue about which you need to think by using salvia though you won't have any health problems by using it. You are far better using cream or lotion for lube, and if you get an allowance and have access to self-checkouts at your local stores, then invest in some actual lube. Lube is generally found by the feminine products (tampons and pads), or it can be found in the family planning section (condoms).

Refractory periods can be uncomfortable, and just give yourself a minute or two for your penis to recover especially since you are new to ejaculating.

It is going to take a while for your body to keep up with the demands of your masturbation. What I mean is that for the next couple of months you are going to have a mixture of dry and wet orgasms along with clear and coloured semen. After you pass the six month mark you are going to be able to produce semen with every ejaculation. There is usually a delay between the developing of the ability to ejaculate and actually producing sperm. In short, you are fine and are normal.

Originally Posted by uyieldinggamer View Post
I'm 14, i masterbate and enjoy it and all, but i normally don't get an orgasm, and if i do ejaculate, it's a freikishly small amount. So i don't masterbate to often. How long do i have to go at it to get anything out of it? Because im sick of "Wet Dreams" ever so often and i feel like im missing out. plz help
The most important thing to remember when you masturbate is that you need to be in the "mood" or aroused. If masturbating is a task, then you will not be able to achieve orgasm. You need to be really horny, and you need to ensure that when you masturbate you are thinking about sexual thoughts and not getting your mind cluttered up with other things which can impede an orgasm. We cannot go into specific methods here, but when you masturbate just make sure you are massaging your penis and not being brutal with it. Visit for specific tips.
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