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Originally Posted by Gatwick
awww babe, good. dont cut. it just makes it worse. Whats wrong? What happened?
im glad i didnt cut but the day hasnt excatly started fof great either. i think my friends played a trick of me (they are at the airport this morning to go to spain) and they said to me that they met gerard and mikey way from MCR there, i dont believe them.

then i stil feel sick, throught feels shit, i think its after throwing up last night.

i had a dream last night about you swettie, that we kept meeting the bus home, and me and you always sat together and you were telling me abotu what you did in dublin that day, and i was holding you and everything on the bus, i cant get the feelings off me, and i dont want to

edit from like 3 hours later: i can still feel your arms around me

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