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Originally Posted by pontiacdriver View Post
Congratulations on your first ejaculation, and I hope it went by well and that you knew what was happening.

As for household lubes, you can use creams, lotions, or baby oil. Just don't use anything medicated or any soaps, shampoos, or conditioners as those things will burn your urethra. Cream is your best bet as you not only moisterize your skin, but you also have a good lube.

As for your penis hurting a bit after your first ejaculation my first guess is that it is because you are not used to the sensations down there as your plumbing is being turned on so to speak. Also, keep in mind that you will have a brief period after you ejaculate called the "refractory period" where you penis will be sensitive to the touch as your penis needs time to recover from your ejaculation.
Haha yeah. I felt... "achieved" after it.

Yeah... I think my saliva is working great. xD

As for the refractory period, I noticed... I pulled my boxers up and it touched my glans, then I was like "WOAH!" Haha.

Also... Yesterday, all that came out was pre-cum. I'm not sure if what came out today was regular semen, or still pre-cum. Yesterday was very clear with a white tent to it. Today, it was just liek watery milk?
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