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Default Re: Am i mad or is this normal!!

LOL @ Joe, thanks for pressure, man!

I think you need more than one symptom to have a full blown clinical disorder, so based on your self report here what you've got is more likely just an idiosychrasy (one of those unique oddities of thought or behavior).

You might try to understand where this comes from, and what purpose it serves for you. Then, you might try to 'force' yourself to not do them, and see what happens (which will be nothing, of course).

A lot of people do a lot of very *weird* things not so much b/c they've got OCD, but b/c they get into this habit of behaving in certain ways for certain reasons. Then, the behavior sorta morphs into this superstitious need, there's a real anxiety about what might happen if the behavior isn't done. The superstitious part is that you do it, and of course whatever tragedy you're afraid of, doesnlt happen. However, it doesn't happen NOT so much b/c of the odd behavioral ritual, but b/c it has nothing at all to do with it in the first place. They just become paired in your mind.

So, what you need is a reality check to break that irrational bond b'twn ritual and fear. By 'forcing ' yourself to NOT do the ritual, you gradually see that nothing bad happens, and the anxiety eventually goes away, too. And with it, the need to engage in the ritual.
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