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Default Re: Am i mad or is this normal!!

I'm not very good at OCD, but here's what the bupa website says about OCD.
Normally OCD is when you hate dirt and have to constantly wash your hands etc. This isn't the only symptom as it says below, but I believe it's the most common one.
Certainly you have an obsession with arrangement of numbers. I personally don't think it's OCD, it sounds like something else. Or at least I don't think any doctors would put you down as having OCD. But then again, I'm not a doctor, I'm an open minded guy with a wierd imagination.


OCD symptoms vary from mild to severe. They include obsessions (thoughts or feelings) that cause distress, anxiety caused by this distress, and compulsions (actions) which aim to stop or cancel out the thoughts or feelings causing distress.

Obsessions can include:
  • thinking or feeling objects are dirty or are contaminated
  • doubts about doors being left unlocked and appliances being left switched on
  • concern over causing harm to others
  • unpleasant intrusive thoughts or images, especially about aggression or sex
  • an intense fear of making mistakes or behaving inappropriately, which can lead to indecision about simple things
  • pre-occupation with the ordering and arrangement of objects
  • repeating words or numbers in a specific way
You may have more than one obsession and/or compulsion.


You may carry out compulsive behaviours to counteract the anxiety caused by your obsessions.

Compulsions can include:
  • repeating behaviour ritually - such as hand washing, touching, counting and arranging objects, or doing an activity in a certain way
  • checking things so they are safe, such as electrical appliances, your body or your journey to work
  • thinking about other things to try to "neutralise" or prevent the original thought from coming into your mind
  • repeatedly making sure dangerous objects (such as knives) are put away or avoiding the kitchen so you are not near any dangerous objects
  • hoarding of possessions, even those you may not need or are beyond repair
  • asking others for reassurance or avoiding taking responsibility for tasks
Compulsions can just be in the mind, such as counting in your head or thinking through the words of a song or prayer over and over again.

Compulsions are usually related to the type of obsession you are experiencing. For example, repeated hand washing may follow from obsessions about dirt or contamination.
You may feel that something terrible will happen if you don't carry out your compulsions. Performing the compulsion may make you feel better in the short-term but this feeling doesn't last.

If this is still bothering you and Addi or Sam can't come up with an answer..which I doubt.
You can visit your GP and see what they think you may or may not have.

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