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Originally Posted by NinJaKloWn View Post
Hey, im 14 and kinda new to masturbating. Every time i jack off a clear liquid comes out like urine (im pretty sure its not). I usually catch it in my hand and use it as lube. What is this stuff? Also, until recently, i masturbated to no orgasm. The other day i got like a sensory overload and had to stop. Just then, a tiny amount ( maybe one drop ) of what i think was semen came out. Was this an orgasm? If so, why so little?
The post above has hit the nail on the head, and the only thing I would add is that the sensory overload you had was probably the refractory period after one ejaculates. Keep in mind that after one ejaculates the penis is usually sensitive for a little while after the ejaculation.
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