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Originally Posted by NinJaKloWn View Post
Hey, im 14 and kinda new to masturbating. Every time i jack off a clear liquid comes out like urine (im pretty sure its not). I usually catch it in my hand and use it as lube. What is this stuff? Also, until recently, i masturbated to no orgasm. The other day i got like a sensory overload and had to stop. Just then, a tiny amount ( maybe one drop ) of what i think was semen came out. Was this an orgasm? If so, why so little?
What comes out sounds like semen or pre-cum. However, since you are able to catch it in your hand, i would say that you are ejaculating semen.

Why would you masturbate to no orgasm? when the stuff comes out its called Ejaculation, not Orgasm. Orgasm is the strong feeling of euphoria you get after masturbation. I think your "sensory overload" would be the orgasm, and thats the point where your supposed to masturbate to get to. You will Ejaculate more over time as your body matures and it makes more semen and sperm. its Normal.

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