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Default Who am I?

Count the cracks on the ceiling.
Close your eyes and get away.
People don't know how you're feeling,
they wouldn't care anyway.
Life didn't fuck you
it raped you of your dreams.
All the things you were gonna do
no longer mean a thing.
I'm the demon in your mind
I'll drown away good things.
I so want to make you blind
to all reality.
I want you to think you're ugly
when you're so beautiful.
I want you to stop fighting
even though you have the will.
You know you're not stupid
but I'll convince you that you are.
I'll tell you you're not worth it.
I'll cause a bunch of scars.
Why do you keep listening?
You know that I'm wrong...
Well, I'm not complaining
I'm getting what I want.

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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