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hehe just figured that out thank you.. i figure even if i AM i have another 30 pounds before i am even considered skinny? not that this is anything i want to mess with? . . . ...

i keep seeing like omg dont do it but why can you just cut down gradually for a long time then gradually start increasing meals again? that way your body doesnt go into a shock in and out... thats how i plan ... i seem to be eating less/finding things that take longer to eat and less cals

CELLERRYYY hmm i got a 1 inch of it tonight and took me frig 5 minutes to eat and has a really good taste... i packed like a whoel stick with my lone whole wheat sandwish lunch tommorow...fiber helps digestion?

doc said 140 MINIMUM <-- ? for my height [meaning that is houldnt go ANYWHERE below 140 because its unhealthy] is this true or false? i mean cmon i meet kids that are my height and seem to be less then that...

'' A teenager with anorexia nervosa is typically a perfectionist and a high achiever in school'' * Big Check Mark*

Stubborn * Big check mark*

thinks he is fat *big check mark*
the bmi saids i am 24.1 which is close enough for me to call myself fat i want to have 20 bmi by my next brithday ...
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