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Default Re: Questions about your sexuality! (Survey)

-What is your age? 16

-Would/Have you ever compared with a friend? Yes, I have.

-Would/Have you ever compared with a family member? Hell no.

-Have you ever accidently saw another guys dick (Specify whether family or friend)? Yes, my cousin's and I was grossed out =[

-Would/Have you ever been naked with a friend but havent done anything? Nope.

-Do you like to be naked around the house? Sometimes

-Would/Have you ever showered with/washed (Please specify which one) a guy (Naked not in swimming trunks)? I probably would.

-Would/Have you ever give another guy head? I would, yes.

-Would/Have you ever let another guy give you head? Same as above.

-Would/Have you ever sleep naked with another guy? I would probably.

-Would/Have you ever gave another friend anal? I would, yes.

-Would/Have you ever recieved anal from another friend? I would, once again.

-Would/Have you ever tried your own cum? Yes, and it tasted like sh*t.

-Would/Have you ever tried another guys cum? I would, probably.

-Would/Have you ever jacked off in school? Yes, I have once. Ah, 7th grade...

-Would/Have you ever jacked off in a public place? Er, it was public school so...

-Would/Have you ever looked at gay porn? Yes, I do.

-What is your sexuality (Gay, BI, Curious, Straight)? Gay.
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