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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by iwgg View Post
I'm uncut, and also have a question:
Me and this guys have been best friends since birth and so we're pretty comfortable around each other. So, one day last summer, we were changing in the same room at a pool party. Now, we're both almost through puberty and like I said, I'm uncut and he is too. But I discovered that he can pull his foreskin back, but I can't do that. It comes up over the head of my penis and barely moves up and down at all. I asked a couple of my uncut friends, and I found out that their foreskin pulls back too. I had never even seen a head of a penis until that day. Is there something wrong with my penis? And is there something I should do?

You should be able to easily and comfortably retract your foreskin so that it goes entirely behind the head of the penis. If you cannot, it's a pretty common condition, about 50% of 15 year olds can't.

In the shower, gently pull it back as far as it will go. Do a little at a time, do not force it. This will likely take many weeks or even months to accomplish.

If you cannot do this, then the next time you're at the doc tell him. Likely, he'll give you some steroidal cream which will reduce swelling and move things along quicker.
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