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in a nutshell [i was 13, and 230 pounds WAY more then you and am now down to 158]

whole wheat bread: takes longer for ur body to break down and has less calories

oh and btw my mom really cares for me and really supports me in all of this, sure it does cos ta little bit more but the family get what they need then i get a box of what i need and it lasts a month or two .. trust me on this just talk to your mom seriousley bout it ... no joke..

you dont need to run to exersize, at first i did a LOT of swimming, swimming is easy and fun in my opinion...
if you cant jog for a while just walk you will get better

only look at the scale once a week i am a victim to finding out ive lost my 1 pound a week on wednesday and eaten it back by sunday [weigh in]!

I am like ALWAYS subconsiounceley [eh?] thinking abotu what i eat.. well ia lways think about it not relaly subcon. ... try nto to eat out and if you do those fruit salads are REALLY good.. i havent eaten out once if ud ont count fruit salads

if u get a fruit salad just eat that for the ngiht because theres a lot of cals in the yogurt

lowfat yogurt has about 80-100 cals i eat that...

skim milk: everyone burns thru 2 gals of whole while i go about a month to get through a whole thing of skim so it doesnt cost THAT much

kanola oil: this isnt a must but it helps, its better then vegetable oil and costs a little bit more but costs teh same

there are a few good lowcal/fat cookies that ive made if i really want something... other then that... dont forget exersize

oh and lowfat dressing is a must too! and on ur salads have nothing b ut veggies [it sounds gross but trust me] i usually eat my meal before everyone else then when dinner is here i eat a salad with them so id ont feel left out...

DONT EAT PASSED 8 your body will not digest it properly because when you go to sleep it will just turn into sugars in your body and make youf at.... thats part of hte reason why i never eat with my family is because they eat so late

take advantage of PE like i do, if there is a day you really dont want to exersize after school really try hard, while everyone else is mozzying around in PE i do nothing but run/jog/spring around the basketball court all period, i do this 5 times a week out of the reccommended 3 times a week for about 45 minutes whichis a relallllyyy good workout...

ignore EVERYONE that laughs at you

pack your own lunch! school lunches are NOT healthy they are full of grease and .. ugh eww...
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