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Default Am i on the path to being anorexi? [did i spell that right?]

hmm my c buttond oesnt work in the subject header for som reason .. ok long long long story short ..last summer .. well this summer i went away to fat camp lost 30 pounds then at the end we got to go out and eat at golden corral,i basically stuffed my face, then came back and got REALLY depressed. The nutrionest came and told me all about her life story and about once she was anorexic and that is why she is only 5 feet tall.

She said it was the worst thing she could ever have done and that is the reason why she was teaching the health side of things at camp, to prevent people from being like her.

It seems like every time i eat i think of her long long speech to me.

I eat a VERY small breakfeast but enough to keep my motabolism up. Usually a small small bowl of special k/gronala or wahtever thats low cal/fat with skim milk of course. For lunch i basically get stuffed and feel like i ahve to puke, i have a rice cake [40 cals] a coke zero -0 cals] and a sandwich [bout 250 cals] with whole wheat bread and xtra lean ham. For dinner I eat [pretty much every day ] a lean cuisine which is 200-400 cals.. this really is topped at about 800 cals a day,i try to make my max 1000 a day out of the reccommended 2500 but then again i am really trying hard to lose weight and pretty much run off the small meals i just had.

I have lost at total of 73 pounds including camp and lost 3 pounds last week as of yesterday .. am i dong things wrong? my mother thinks that i am not eating enough even though i am still overweight and my grandmother is afraid of me becominga norexic.. if im not already?!

oh btw this is coming from a 13 year old guy ..

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