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I'm sorry if someone thought that I'm saying that the European Union is a bad thing, of course it's not. I was just saying it to let people know that it's possible to survive without it. We are doing fine without it, and we have said no 2 times.

I think that Iceland, Switzerland and Norway will join it in some years. But we really do not need to. Iceland and Norway are half-way members, we have an economic deal with the EU.

The European Union is not military! I don't see why all people seem to think that. The members do not have any military alliance.

I think that countries like India and China are military underestimated. India is the military most advanced country in the world (and that is true), so they could kick any European country's ass anytime, if they are against each other without anyone else. But that is of course not going to happen.

But this topic is about Bush anyway, so I just wanna apologize for going off topic.
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