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Originally Posted by Awesdude2 View Post
What does the bible say about Masturbation
I am Christian
Also is it harmful fir your body
To be honest, the Bible really does not say much, if anything, about Masturbation. I think there is some obscure reference to masturbation in the Old Testament where God told a fellow to marry his dead brother's wife and impregnate her to have children in his brother's name (as was custom in those days), and the fellow defied God by masturbating rather than having sex with the woman. However, there is really no outright probhition to masturbation to my knowledge. I think that any religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. pretty much teaches one should be responsible with one's body and that as long as one does not abuse it, then you are kosher. As long as you are not masturbating all the time or practising negative sexuality, then masturbating is fine. After all, masturbating/ejaculating is a normal biological process no different than urinating, defecating, or sweating.
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