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Originally Posted by koler
Ugh, Its only religious creetons that didnt score in high school that don't want anyone else to. lol

I'm tired of people saying sex is a beutiful thing. that comes from the people who have never had sex i guess. But when your pants are half down and your trying to find a good position and her foot keeps smacking you in the side of the godly.

hmmm i say that sex is a beautiful thing and i have experienced it so technically u cant say that people saying its beautiful comes from the unexperienced. but whatever lol and no..ur feet dont have to hit the side of someones head...haha it all depends on the positions i guess???? i never did that.

personally.. i have experienced and i think its beautiful that im sharing it with someone i most truly care about, and love... i look at sex for me and him as making love (lol)

and to whoever said its like shits (something like that)..LOL ...after shitting u dont wind up pregnant... and u no longer have to deal with any of ur left over shits once it leaves ur body..but with sex...if u or ur partner winds up pregnant...its ur responsibility that will live on..... shits arent like that lol

thats just my opinion i aint trying to start nothing im just saying lol
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