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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
it doesent affect your judgement nearly as much as alcohal does so i dont even see why we are evening questioning if it should be legal or not.
You are right... its the smoking equivalent to alcohol... and its even less harmful to your health... its not addictive or anything... plus hemp can save the planet if people would look into it... if it were more avalable hemp products wouldnt be as expensive plus there are so many health problems it helps... depression, cancer.. etc...
youre just finding an excuse to ignore the mainstream views of planet earth so you can get high. are you depressed? probably. why the fuck else do people take drugs? cuz they suck at being happy. if you arent able to be happy on ur own then you have a problem--stop trying to change federal law for your personal endeavors
thats just you being very ignorant and not knowing anything about anyone who does do it. do you think ill have a shitty day and smoke pot just because im not feeling good. no.
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