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Originally Posted by nwshc
Yes. Long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction in some people. That is, they cannot control their urges to seek out and use marijuana, even though it negatively affects their family relationships, school performance, and recreational activities (9). According to one study, marijuana use by teenagers who have prior antisocial problems can quickly lead to addiction (3). In addition, some frequent, heavy marijuana users develop “tolerance” to its effects. This means they need larger and larger amounts of marijuana to get the same desired effects as they used to get from smaller amounts.
No, not physical addictio, does that even say physical in there? It's mental addiction and that only means you want to do it because it feels good, and it's not a strong addiction. Plus what does alcohol do? Very similar. In only some people the addiction is stronger than others. But in most people it doesn't even happen and it's more of a social think.
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