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Your right kev but with the condom alone nothin else only 3 in 100 girls will get pregnant add the pregnancy pill and that takes it to 1/100 ontop of that you add the the emeregncy pill that if sumthing happens she can take and it would be less than 1. It won't be long and the birth control pills for guys will be out and that will drop it even more. Do you have any idea how high the propability you will be hurt or killed is every time you get into a vehicle, nothing is and or ever will be 100%.

Have you looked at the stat's in texas I watched a show and there either taught abstinence or nothing at all and there is more teen pregnancys and cases of STD's in Texas then in any other state, knolege kev thats the best protection. You can't just supress this. The instinct to reproduce is as strong as the instinct for self preservation. Now weither you are like me and belive in evolution or you belive in adam and eve the instinct is still there and its there for a reason, you can't fight it, you shouldn't be forced into beliving you have to it's part of who you are, as long as it's between two people that care for each other theres nothing wrong with it. As long as your carefull it's reasonably safe, allot safer then getting in a car or hundreds of other things that you've been doing everyday since you were born.
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