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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Right, i'm thirteen and i have started masturbrating (i think i spelt it right) recently, and i use an electric toothbrush, but i dont think i have ever "Came". Anyway, about an hour ago i was masturbrating in my room as my sister was out, and i had this weird feeling like i was going to wee myself, and i stopped and stood up, and the whole chair was drenched in clear oderless stuff. For some reason i was exited (Prabaly the fact that my mother or sister would walk in), so i cleaned up really fast, and i just want to do it again now. Was this real masturbrating? Oh, i used the bruch by my clit, if that helps. Thanks.

PS i dont use the toothbrush 'In there' i just rub it up and down the outside, i dont want to put anything inside me that could damage.
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