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Default New Orleans

Like a fox after its prey
The man scoped the yard
This man dressed in a blood red trench coat
Carried a large rifle along with explosives
No one knows how he got past security
No one knew he was there
Silent as the midnight air he moved on foward
He opened the large door, yet no alarms went off
He silently killed many security gards as he went up the stairs
Once he got up to the room, which was heavily gaurded
He used a silenced gun and killed each one
Every one shot straight in the head
This man had no emotion execpt rage
Nothing but rage as he walked through the hall of the men he had killed
Once he arived to the room he had wanted
He slowly creaked open the door
Silently Taking out a large silver desert eagle
He put it to the sleeping man's head
This man awoke and instantly rose
This vicious man who had killed so much security
Spoke only 7 words
"This is for letting my family die"
He pulled the trigger with no hesitation
Suddenly armed forces had surronded him
It was too late he had already accomplished his mission
He had killed the president

<3 Katie
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