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Default The Unborn Ghost

There was nothing but silence in this old house.
Abonded for so long
No one lived there for years and years
Yet in the dark atic
Where all that lived was spiders
A boy awakened
WHERE AM I he shouted
He looked around and remembered nothing
Confused he stood up
Stubling, he had slowly walked to the window in the atic
He had seen the midnight sky
Stars twinkeling in the lit up city
A peacefull smell arose in the air
He walked down from the atic
The house was empty
As he walked out he ran up to a man
Without thinking he screamed
The man looked at this boy, and calmly said
Everything will be alright, just follow me
The boy followed this mysterious man
When they arived at his house he gave the boy clothes food and water
He stared at the food and began to eat
A peice of chicken started to slide down his throat
It got stuck and he began choking
The man helped him out and concearningly said
Who tought you how to eat boy?
You have to chew the food
The boy looked confused and asked how?
The man began to teach him how to live
He tought him the basics of life, hoping he would recover memories
One night the man tried to teach him how to cut his food
He began but then played with the knife
The man exclaimed "DON'T THAT IS DANGEROUS"
It was too late, the knife went trough the boys hand
Emotionless the boy took it out
As if nothing had happened
The old man terrified looked at his hand
Somthing was wrong, somthing did not fit
The old man grabbed the boys hand
He started to examine it and then it struck him
His face grew pale and he quickly lunged for the knife
Confused the boy asked what is going on?
The old man screamed YOU ARE NOT HUMAN
The knife came flying and it hit the boys stomach numerous times
The boy felt nothing
There was no blood shed
He threw the knife and examined the demon
This demon, this boy, this thing....
Was hollow

<3 Katie
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