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Default Its my first one, don't be harsh

It was a cold september morning, snow everywhere
This boy went out to play
This boy was not just a boy, he was actually 15
He was also usually very depresed
Once he ran through the deep icy snow
He ran and ran untill suddenly
He felt a sharp pain in his chest
He stared at it but nothing was there
"Mind over matter" he told himself
However this pain did not go away
Keep your mind off it a vivid voice told him
The boy continued to sprint
He hit somthing solid although it had a cushiny side
Curious the boy got up and looked where he had fallen
He started to brush the snow off when he seen it
As he brushed snow off the snow below it had reddened
He knew it was a body so he ran to his mom
She was crying for no apperant reason
Then she started yelling"please god let him be safe"
He went to his neighboors but they also ignored the boy
It was time to take matters into his own hands
He dragged the body onto the shoveled sidewalk
He could see this person had been stabbed with a knife
Once he brushed the snow off this body's face
He flew backwards and started screaming in terror
He looked at himself swallowed hard and looked back at it
Still he screamed louder
The body laying on the sidewalk, bloody was his own...

-Jon Carlyon

<3 Katie
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