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Default I don't know her....

Alright, in school i haven't really found any girls who i like....but a few weeks ago in literature we were in groups but i was absent, so when i came back i didnt know which group i was in etc. but this girl i didnt know helped me out, her name is nicole...well i was in her group, and there was a dance on friday and this kid who sits next to me was like "ask her to the dance" then i was like "i would, but you know....i only know her name" but, i actually did want to and the kid who sits next to me (uriel) was like jon wants to know if you will go to the dance with him, and she was like, no unless it comes out of his mouth--...then i was thinking....does that mean she would say yes?....i didn't know her, she is pretty, but i have seen more attractive people yet i couldn't stop thinking about it....i have no idea why but i still cant stop, when we are in class we dont talk much because i always get cought because my literature teacher dislikes me but when we do talk we more of flirt.......but i think it's just weird because i couldn't stop thinking of her since i actually met her...and i dont't like her like her.. becaue i don't know her, but it seems like i do........
ahh im confused any advice anyone?

<3 Katie
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