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I dont know if ther even is a girl I like right now. The girl I really like has a bf, and the other one.... I like her, and I geuss she talks to me and jokes around, but I dont think shes really interested. And shes not going to the dance. I would like to ask her I am just not sure she wants to be on that level with me.

Im going with a few of my friends. One is ditching his date that he didnt really wnat to go with anyway becuase he said "he would have felt guilty if he said no". My other friend is bringing a a date, and a couple of his friends(girls) are also coming, and they dont have dates. I kinda like one of them, but I dont really know her.

Tommorrow is my last chance to ask a girl to the dance, but even if I dont, Im going anyway. Should I ask someone to go as friends? Or should I just try and dance with them at the dance? Or should I just forget about finding a date?
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