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No, we don't, it's not our culture. As screwed up as you think that is, it's still their decision not to work together and revolt, instead, they all worked for eachother and started killing eachother. And I'm not saying that's right, but we don't know what they're thinking. Plus, we should be talking about the war on terrorism, which initiated with 9/11. We haven't heard too much about that have we. Why haven't we heard much progress on the search for Osama Binladen? He's just as dangerous, so what if it's his so called religion, that should be our first priority. Not this war that has to do with the UK's searches for weapons in Iraq. Because we all know that's where it started, and if Bush hadn't made the mistake of going to war (not saying that it resulted 100% negatively, just not 100% positive), then we might just have sorted out our own national threats even though now we've created our own personal ones. Because as we know, these people aren't afraid to die and take other people with them. It's becoming (and was for a while) their custom. I'm affraid that through this war, there'll soon be a bigger, worse attack, and none of us want that.
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