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Originally Posted by redcar
but thats not how you do things in this world. and its spelt zimbabwe. you cant go around deciding we dont like this so we will change it to our line of thinking. the people of the country when they finally have had enough will then decide time to take action, and dont tell me that will never happen. the usa was once under british rule but you decided enough was enough and kicked them out as did we. its when they decide to change things should outsiders offer help. but not before.
no. that takes too long. so many people need to be mass murdered before people have the will to revolt in such numbers as to overthrow the gov. it doesnt just happen over nothing. most of the time people cant just "rise up". think about the black slaves in early america. think about the jews. millions of people being oppressed, couldnt do jack. i think that in the interest of freedom and happiness for the betterment of mankind, we have the right to intervene in foreign countries
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