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Originally Posted by nameitnom View Post
Okay i'm 15 and i masturbate maybe once a day idk i don't count but i've never cummed. maybe i have a problem or i havent matured yet if this sort of thing happend to you or have advise reply back please.
I agree that you are just a late bloomer and have nothing about which to worry. Keep in mind that some guys as late as 16/17 develop the ability to ejaculate at that late stage, and you are hardly alone. There is nothing you can do to make yourself ejaculate as you cannot create something that does not exist. In short, don't worry as you are normal, and not being able to cum hardly makes you less of a man. You will be able to ejaculate sooner than later. If you don't have any signs of puberty by the time you hit 16, then you should visit your doctor. However, if you are having other signs of puberty such as increased size, body hair, and increased muscle tone, then you just need to be patient.
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