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Originally Posted by ELY_M View Post
I have XP SP3 on my test box and I don't like it.
Why, though? There's literally nothing "bad" about it vs SP1. If anything, SP1 will be slower, and buggier. I guarantee you that.

Do you have any specific reasons to site for it, besides just not liking it? What is bad about it on your test box? Integrate SP3 directly into the XP Install CD, and it'll run better, so you do a fresh install of XP with SP3 already included, vs an install of XP SP0 or SP1, then doing an update.

SP2 and SP3 for XP are nothing but security, performance, and general fixes/updates, plus a few minor additions in some places, like the Windows Firewall and the Security Center, which take all of 2 seconds to disable and shut off if you so desire.

But, I guess if you are against it, oh well, your loss.

- Bill

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