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i know how you feel mate

for ages i was practilly a geek, although i would of seen me more as a freek, i hated myself becouse apprently every guy in the class left school not being a "frigit" (means, someone who hasnt met/kissed with toungs a person), so like in my last few weeks in primary school, everyone was trying to get me going, even to the extent to paying girls. it was hell.

i liked a girl, she didnt like me back though. but it was more of a forced liking, even then i was into guys. but like she was a good friend. asked her out loads of times, nothing. then when it suits her, she asks me out, i turn her down.

my point being, a pretty face is usually covered by total poision and acid, and as with my experience with girls, do everything if it suits them. i was at the bottom of many girls lists. i see girls who were in my primary schooll class who say, james is that you. i always feel like saying, had your chance now im gay.

just cos she looks cool, acts nice to everyone else, she aint worth it. keep looking, as i believe and learned, love pops up in the most unusual of places!!

good luck! x

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