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Originally Posted by Cable
I suppose if your parents slowly taught you these things as yougrew up, yuo wuold feel more comfortable around them talking about it.

Howver I think that everybody says they can do a better job parenting than their own parents. Maybe we can, but I respect the choices my parents made.
agreed....i dont think we can do a better job parenting our selves becasuse NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT, every way, your parents "raised you" if they were never there, its still raising you, you will grow up thinking how they were bad parents, which may be true but technically you built yourself off of their actions making them have just as much as part as raising you as you did, my mom is always at work and my dad is dead...i built myself off of hating my dad for dying......its because of him i am the way i am today although he wasn't really there..

but...still i think that would be a parents job to teach us about it that way if we had any questions like the majorty of us do we could ask them and not feel so i said before, if you dont know of VT you may not feel comfortable talking with your friends, your parents never talked about it, you may just have to wonder about everything, then if it IS somthing bad like testicular cancer you are just parents must talk about puberty and make their children feel ok about this stuff

<3 Katie
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